Whaleshead Beach

Nestled along the rugged and picturesque coastline of southern Oregon, Whaleshead Beach stands as a testament to the untamed beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Tucked away from the well-trodden tourist paths, this secluded haven offers a unique blend of pristine landscapes, fascinating wildlife, and a sense of tranquility that can only be found in nature’s hidden gems.

A Coastal Oasis:

Whaleshead Beach is situated just north of Brookings, a charming coastal town known for its vibrant art scene and welcoming community. Accessible via the iconic Highway 101, the journey to Whaleshead Beach itself is a scenic adventure, winding through lush forests and revealing breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Ocean.

What sets Whaleshead Beach apart is its untouched, wild charm. The coastline here is a symphony of sea stacks, rugged cliffs, and golden sands. The massive sea stacks, resembling the heads of whales emerging from the waves, add a touch of mystique to the beach, inspiring its name. These geological formations create a unique backdrop for visitors, especially during sunrise and sunset, when the warm hues paint the sky and sea stacks in a mesmerizing display.

Wildlife Wonders:

Nature enthusiasts will find Whaleshead Beach to be a haven for wildlife observation. The nutrient-rich waters off the Oregon coast attract a variety of marine life, and lucky visitors might spot gray whales on their migratory journey, seals basking on the rocks, and a myriad of seabirds soaring overhead.

The beach is also home to a diverse intertidal zone, where tide pools teem with fascinating marine creatures. Exploring these pools during low tide reveals a miniature world of anemones, sea stars, crabs, and other resilient organisms adapted to the ever-changing coastal environment.

Recreation and Relaxation:

Whaleshead Beach offers more than just stunning views and wildlife encounters. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the surrounding trails that wind through coastal forests, providing opportunities for hiking and birdwatching. The beach itself invites visitors to engage in beachcombing, build sandcastles, or simply unwind to the soothing sound of crashing waves.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, the nearby Whaleshead Resort offers opportunities for tidepooling, fishing, and even sea cave kayaking. The resort provides a comfortable base for visitors, complete with amenities such as cozy cabins and campgrounds.

Preserving the Pristine:

Efforts to preserve the natural beauty of Whaleshead Beach and its surrounding areas are ongoing. Conservation organizations and local communities work together to ensure that this coastal gem remains untouched by excessive development. Visitors are encouraged to practice Leave No Trace principles, respecting the delicate ecosystems and wildlife habitats that make Whaleshead Beach so unique.


Whaleshead Beach stands as a testament to the raw, unbridled beauty of the Oregon coast. Far from the beaten path, this hidden gem offers a serene escape for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace. Whether you’re captivated by the dramatic sea stacks, intrigued by the diverse marine life, or simply in search of a peaceful retreat, Whaleshead Beach invites you to experience the magic of the Pacific Northwest’s untamed shoreline.

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