Revolutionizing Email Security with AI
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Revolutionizing Email Security with AI

London-based cybersecurity startup Tessian has recently closed a successful $65 million Series C funding round, signaling the growing demand for its innovative approach to email security. Tessian utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to combat social engineering and protect organizations from human error-based cybersecurity threats. With the new funding, Tessian aims to further enhance its offerings and expand its reach in the global market [1][2].


Revolutionizing Email Security with AI

Tessian’s unique value proposition lies in its ability to address the “people problem” in cybersecurity. While traditional security measures focus on protecting networks and devices, Tessian focuses on securing the human layer, where the majority of security breaches occur. By leveraging AI algorithms, Tessian analyzes email communications in real-time, detecting anomalies and potential threats such as phishing attacks, misdirected emails, and unauthorized data sharing [3].

The company’s advanced machine learning models are trained on vast amounts of data to accurately identify patterns and indicators of malicious intent. This proactive approach enables Tessian to prevent security incidents before they happen, reducing the reliance on reactive measures such as incident response and remediation [1].

Series C Funding and Investor Confidence

Tessian’s recent Series C funding round, led by March Capital, demonstrates the confidence investors have in the company’s vision and technology. Existing investors, including Sequoia Capital, Accel, Balderton Capital, and Latitude, also participated in the round, along with new investor Schroder Adveq [2].

The $65 million injection of capital will enable Tessian to accelerate its mission of quantifying and preventing human risk in global enterprises. The funding will be used to further develop Tessian’s AI capabilities, expand its product offerings, and fuel international expansion [4]. With this significant investment, Tessian is well-positioned to solidify its position as a leader in the email security market.

Addressing the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

Tessian’s focus on the human layer of cybersecurity is particularly relevant in today’s digital landscape. As organizations increasingly rely on remote work and digital communication, the risk of human error leading to security breaches has become more pronounced. According to Tessian’s research, 88% of data breaches are caused by human error, highlighting the critical need for solutions that address this vulnerability [3].

By providing real-time warnings and guidance to employees, Tessian empowers individuals to make informed decisions and avoid potential security pitfalls. This approach not only enhances overall security posture but also fosters a culture of cybersecurity awareness within organizations. Tessian’s technology acts as a safety net, preventing accidental data leaks and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations [1].

Expanding Market Presence and Future Outlook

Tessian’s successful funding round comes at a time when the demand for robust email security solutions is on the rise. The increasing sophistication of cyber threats, coupled with the growing volume of sensitive information exchanged via email, has created a pressing need for innovative solutions like Tessian’s [4].

With its enhanced financial resources, Tessian plans to expand its operations globally and cater to a wider customer base. The company already serves clients across various industries, including legal, finance, and healthcare, and aims to further penetrate these sectors while exploring new verticals [2].


Tessian’s $65 million Series C funding round highlights the market’s recognition of the company’s innovative approach to email security. By leveraging AI to address the human factor in cybersecurity, Tessian provides organizations with a proactive defense against social engineering and human error-based threats. With the new funding, Tessian is well-positioned to enhance its technology, expand its market presence, and continue its mission of quantifying and preventing human risk in global enterprises [1][2][4].

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